PROJECT MANAGEMENT- Our sales engineers and technical specialists ensure that projects are managed in an efficient and professional manner.


DOCUMENTATION- We provide all commercial, operational and technical documents related to your centrifuge system: operation and maintenance manual, drawings and schematics, FAT and SAT protocols, quality control manual, material certificates, spare parts, etc.


ON-SITE COMMISSIONNING AND TRAINING- Installation and start-up can be carried on-site by our technicians upon customer demand, to ensure the optimum operation of equipments. We can provide complete training for operating and maintenance staff.


KNOW-HOW- Because our Centrifugal Partition Chromatography FCPC systems are designed and manufactured in-house, we maintain complete control and knowledge of the design, procurement and manufacturing processes. We keep records of equipment history including on-site maintenance, improvements and upgrades that KROMATON has knowledge of, so as to provide you with tailored and specific support throughout the equipment’s lifecycle.


INTERVENTIONS- Our engineering specialists can ensure on-site or remote support, for all mechanical or automated parts.


SPARE PARTS- We hold in stock a wide number of spare parts and key components, to ensure our customers immediate availability over time.




COMPLETE OVERHAUL- We carry out complete overhaul and upgrades of our “old” equipment, including refurbishment and extension of lifetime of all mechanical parts as well as integration of the most recent electrical components. Overhauled equipments are submitted to all the usual acceptance tests before shipping and comply with all the necessary industry requirements in terms of performance, security and reliability.


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