KROMATON carries out continuous support and after-sales services to ensure optimal operation of our Fast Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (FCPC) systems, as well as their compliance with latest security standards required by the industry or by law.



Upon customer request, our field service engineers can perform preventive maintenance diagnosis at your facility to inspect the condition of all mechanical parts and electrical components of the FCPC system.

Following the inspection, a report is sent to the customer for recordkeeping purposes.

If additional work is required, such as a repair or replacement of components, these recommendations are included in the preventative maintenance report that is issued to the customer.



Our engineers work with you continuously to ensure that your FCPC is being operated in an optimal manner so as to enhance performance and productivity all along the lifecycle. In partnership with users, we offer our expertise to suggest upgrades based on the evolution of:

  • Your production methods (review of production workstation, changes in operators’ tasks, etc.)
  • Your applications and/or process evolutions
  • The technology: upgrade of automation/control features, integration of new electrical components, etc.
  • Applicable laws in terms of security


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